Run To LIVE, Live To RACE

APRIL 25, 2015 @ Desoto National Forest

Distance: 50k and 50 Mile


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DECEMBER 26th @ Slidell High School Track. FREE EVENT.

Distance: 1 Mile on the track

Show up RUN go to see the Movie Unbroken

$FREE 1 Mile

$9.75 buys your ticket to the movie. I will buy a handful early and have with me if you want to buy one from me.

Start: 6:00PM

In the spirit of the Olympics, Track & Field, our U.S. Military and the release of the movie Unbroken based on the true life of American Distance Runner Louis Zamporini we will get together for a run and a movie. We will battle it out in a one mile track race and go see the movie Unbroken. Join us.



Louis Zamporini Mile and a Movie

"We Run the DELL"